The back bone of project management is the work breakdown structure (WBS) which alongside with time and scope management from the Project Management’s base triangle. Scope management defines project borders and outputs. Project scope, if defined precisely, can increase the project’s success probability.  IPMP allows users to define different WBSs for a single project. This helps the project managers to provide different stakeholders with desired reporting formats according to different project sections. Furthermore changes in project scope can be tracked easily. Some of the capabilities of this section is listed below:

  1. Unlimited number of WBS for a single project
  2. Project Group tree with unlimited levels
  3. On-line Gantt editing
  4. Different data form items presenting various activity types (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, etc.)
  5.  Bi-directionally linked with other software packages such as MSP, Primavera, and MS Office through files and also LAN
  6. Availability of Jalali and Gregorian calendars
  7. Retrieving reports according to desired part of the WBS