The tool is just one component of the project management system


The importance of establishing and strengthening a comprehensive project management system in organizations and its impact on management and reduction cost, improving the quality and speed of project implementation has for many years became obvious.

But the process of its implement is complicated, evolutionary, and difficult.

Establishing project management system in an organization needs to design, change or reinforcement in three main components. These components are process, tool, persons-organizational structure.

Project management system implementation will be successful if all these three components are considered enough.

In many projects of establishing project management system, Ideavarzan do both software service and project management consultancy. In these days, project management is more important than improvement and software to us, so its team is bigger too.

Ideavarzan has expert personnel that they have a lot of experience in project management in international and mega projects about oil, gas, building, industry, and mining, so it can help organizations to improve quality of implementing this evolutionary process. In addition, Idevarzan can do projects of establishing project management system or project management office (PMO).

For more information, please read PMO standardization and establishment page