IPMP. (IVS Project Management Package) software package is an under the web package that it is designed for optimized project management. IPMP project management system is result of expertise of IVS software development team and the experienced persons in various projects; especially experienced in EPC projects, oil and gas field projects, piping projects, and civil projects. This package is coordinating information in different parts of the staying in the center of Information interactions. In the design of IPMP, it has been attempting to consider the nine PMBOK axes.


Introducing IPMP Group

IPMP software is the core to producing Customized project management suite and various packages have produced on the base of IPMP that each of them adds special Capabilities to IPMP. IPMP group is introduced in below table.



Functional Description

IPMP Software Core A set of General capabilities to managing a general project. The other modules can be added to IPMP core and the core integrates them
Pipeline Projects Management The first specialty pipeline project management package in Iran to Onshore and Offshore pipeline projects managing optimal
Reports Management This module is used to manage daily, weekly, and monthly workshop reports in different activities like construction, human resource, Machinery, consumables and warehouses, …
Engineering This module is used to manage engineering phase of project. More details are mentioned in the end of this document
Procurement This module is used to manage procurement phase of project. More details are mentioned in the end of this document
Construction This module is used to manage construction phase of project. More details are mentioned in the end of this document
Pipeline Tracking This module is used to track pipelines, connection points, test, and tube pipes in  projects of pipeline, oil and gas, and  Petrochemical


How IPMP work

IPMP helps managers in different levels to manage various dimensions of the project:

Although from the point of view of Time, cost, and resource dimensions, the most important thing to manage a project execution is work breakdown structure (WBS) of it, activities of WBS require a lot of information from the out of WBS to be up to date. Most of organizations are using general control project software like MSP, Primavera to manage their WBS, but the method that they use to manage information that make activities of WBS up to date is different. According to the extent of the project most of the organizations usually are using some methods such as Manually collected or spread sheet software like Excel to manage side information of activities.

For example, using an excel file as MDR beside WBS in MSP or Primavera in engineering parts of EPC projects is usual; And in building project usually the information for updating WBS are saved in physical checklists.

Organizations often have many problems at each stage of these process, such as How to collecting information from contractors, homogenizing the format of collected information, extracting main data from collected data, and updating WBS with the information. usually, especially in large projects process of collecting the information and updating WBS takes a long time, and in the best situation last reports show project status in few weeks ago

After passing the specified cycles, by collecting information from the lowest level of the project and with the required formats, IPMP will automatically use the information gathered in order to update the project reports, resources allocated to the activities and project costs. This is done with the concept of data form items.

A data form item is an entering information format that it has been placed in its defined cycle, and by filling different parts of the information in this form, updates progress of the overhead activity.


IPMP decreases project management costs by entering the information from the place of creation of information instead of project control office, also by automating the flow of circulation, confirmation and processing of information.

from the point of view of project connection dimension all project activities and their subsets (maps, procurement items, …) IPMP is adjustable for access. In addition, these accesses are assigned in the specified work cycles too, so for example in a period of time a contractor can access to information of a part of project or even to an item in a form, but in the other time he/she can’t.


A simple data form item editing page that includes  information about: time, progress, status, flow and changes log, also attached documents.


Workflow adjusting accurately by personnel of the organization and consulting of IVS project management engineers, then the information in the organization flows optimally; also IPMP removes time gap between project events and updating reports.


from the point of view of knowledge management dimension all of project activities are recorded by IPMP, also project documents can be kept in project documents management part. In addition, users can add any file to any activity of project. These files are searchable and various versions of them are accessible. And many things such as different schedules, costs during the time, consuming materials, necessary equipment, and etc… can be compared in a project or between various project. Therefore, companies and organizations can use this information for estimating future projects status.

IPMP in knowledge management part is improving and developing, for more information read project knowledge management part.

IPMP features

IPMP features are mentioned in the following:

   Project portfolio management

  • Defining unlimited number of projects
  • Defining access levels for individuals in different projects

View Project Control Panel Version 0.9 IPMP

   Breakdown and scope management

  • Defining unlimited number of work breakdown structure (WBS) for each of project and WBS can be imported from all project control software.
  • Online Gantt chart editor with Persian and Gregorian calendar, identifying all sorts of predecessors is able too.


View Gantt online editor version 0.9 IPMP

   Project planning management

  • Feasibility to specify the policy of weighting the project (based on the data form items, (documents, engineering, procurement items, and etc…) or activities weighting, or assigned resources)
  • Define unlimited number of schedule and importing plan from all of control project software.
  • Feasibility to import and update activities by an Excel file.
  • Feasibility to switch between Shamsi date and AD any time and in any project, also feasibility to view simultaneously even in shared tables.
  • Define project time based on Hour in a day, day in a week, week in a month and feasibility to define project calendar in importing calendar from all of the control project software
  • Feasibility to define method of calculating plan progress for project items which provides ability to provide accurate plan progress diagram to the software
  • Feasibility to define Persian or Gregorian project calendar and work hours in different days of week and exceptions


   Manage and archive general project documents (DCC)

  • Centralized management of documents, evidences, and each produced file in a project
  • Feasibility to define classification structure of documents and define users access
  • Uploading any formats of documents
  • Feasibility to search in project documents
  • Feasibility to add documents to project items
  • Saving different versions of each file


setting page of general archive of project document

   Information flow

  • Information flow designing in a perfect space for accurately controlling flow information in organization automatically
  • Defining project various roles accessible to the information in each stage of designed flow
  • Feasibility to design unlimited information flow for various projects


   General features

  • Fast and dynamic environment by using AJAX technology
  • Feasibility to change appearance and use various designed theme for each user by him/herself
  • User-friendly environment by using color

   Connection with the other software

     IPMP is highly capable of communicating with other software, and it can upload information from all project control software also, export the information on usable formats to them.

  • Input of scheduling, work breakdown structure (WBS), and project calendar:


§  MS project software on MPP, MPX, MSPDI formats

        §  Primavera software version 6 up on XER format

        §  Open source Planner on XML format

        §  Timberline Precision Estimating software on format MPX

        §  MPD format is exported from Microsoft Project Server

        §  Power Project software on MDB and PP formats

        §  Direct connection to the Primavera database on the network with the ability to connect to SQL Server and Oracle in all versions

  • Input of Information items


         §  Excel software with full flexibility

  • Output


§  WBS output

           º Output to MPX file format (readable by MSP)

           º Output to XML file format (readable by Primavera PM XML and MSP (MSPDI)

           º Output to XML Planner file format (readable by Planner)

           º Output to XER file format (readable by Primavera)

       §  Direct output to Microsoft Project Server

       §  Direct output to Primavera Data Base

   Projects dashboard

     According to experience, highly efficiency of project dashboard is approved in project management. Project dashboard often consists diagrams and grades which those show project status to managers in a glance in various fields such as financial, progressive, risks, etc… Management dashboards usually includes S, SPI, CPI, and Earned Value curves, also reports of Status of personnel and machinery activity, the remaining project days, financial summary and financing work fronts. Experience is showed what managers want in their dashboards, are extremely variable, even they ask for some changes in dashboards content after a few months. By considering primary analyzing and high flexibility in custom systems of IVS firm, doing these changes are easy  

Currently, Organizational and project dashboards creating will performed customized for IPMP users

Designed project dashboard sample

New modules development

     Because of the ability to add plugins, IPMP development is possible. Modules usually add a bunch of forms, procedures and features to IPMP. Most of modules add one or more information form to software in data form items format; in addition, a plugin may add a new type of work stage to IPMP flow design space.

     Existing and developing IPMP modules are as follows:


     Engineering module: in addition to IPMP features, this module helps in special engineering phase activities. Some of its features are:

  • Managing engineering documents list (MDR)
  •  Automatic documents numbering based on contract (Document Numbering)
  • Managing basic documents (Basic Documents)
  • Managing various Revisions of a document and saving all versions of that
  • Managing internal referrals
  • Issuing and managing dispatches (Transmittal)
  • Recording and managing Comment Sheets and Reply Sheets


     Procurement module: this module is related to engineering module and construction, and it controls procuring of an item since presentation(PO) till delivery to the construction site. This module does these: procurement schedule management, AVL monitoring, PO management, financial status and payment of contracts, Potential Vendor list and Vendor list management; also it provides these possibilities: using various monetary units, Shipment and customs status management, and announcing to construction unit based on possible time to reach items to this stage


    Construction module:  because of great variety of construction phase in different projects even in one project, construction module develops based on the terms of the employer’s projects also it provides these possibilities: using various monetary units, Shipment and customs status management, and announcing to construction unit based on possible time to reach items to this stage