Engineering Document Management module (EDMS)

Engineering Document Management module can control all of done process in engineering maps and documents. This module controls, all stages since designing till delivering maps to construction unit; and records progress amount of documents. Like the other parts of IPMP, engineering module has not any limits in amount of users, activities, project documents, and amount of connections, transmittals and comments, and file size. This module connects with the other modules seamlessly. The other features are mentioned in the following:

  • The main work process of engineering part is recording and managing the last MDR version, and its changes log


  • Import MDR from an Excel file and export to an Excel file: In most corporations, documents list, and basic documents list, is created initially in an Excel file. These files can be imported to IPMP easily and automatically. In this part, designed wizard makes possible these: define columns role in imported information, make document plan setting, and connect documents to WBS levels.


  • Adjust MDR with WBS automatically and manually: User can add documents to activities of the WBS levels subset based on document parameters; therefore, reporting of various parameters at WBS levels; and matching this module with construction and procurement parts and launch for EPCC projects are possible.

    This is possible to do multiple selection based on various parameters, or manual document selection and add them to each WBS activities, so if MDR can’t be attached automatically based on document parameters by software, user can do it easily.


  • Define workflow for each document: Process of preparing engineering documents and completing them gradually is done by defined workflow for these documents. Records and confirms of progress amount can be done automatically based on project PMS or manually. So, all reports that include the project and its documents progress information are updated gradually, by confirm each step of workflow.


  • Work-space similar to Excel and easy to use: Those involved with project engineering are accustomed to using Excel. Editing a lot of items in once, filtering and sorting whole of items are possible in Excel, also items are searchable and accessible. So, many of those don’t tend to using information systems that they have many limitations about documents. IPMP provides both of Excel advantages and aims of integrated information system; such as access management and web based system. Sort, filter, search and edit on a group of items are provided on these pages: document, transmittals, basic document list, reply sheets and etc.


  • Transmittals management: Transmittal is a gathered ready to send documents that can include additional documents and cover letter. Based on document flow status, appropriate documents to attach to the transmittal are determined automatically, so, user can prepare transmittal easily, by choosing ready to send documents. When a project starts, it’s transmittals numbering is defined in the numbering procedure management part based on what was defined in contract.

    This method minimizes the possibility of any mistake.

  • Record different versions of documents and number edits (reversions): Information on different versions of documents and their main files are being kept, and they are accessible any time on the base of user role. Source files of maps and documents are managed in IPMP documents management part; in addition; by adjusting document flow, document editing number and internal editing number can be reset automatically when a document get to a special level in document flow or inter discipline check.


  • Internal references and Inter discipline check management: Document flow, that designed in workflow management part, may include inter discipline check (IDC). In other words, it can be defined by user that document may enter to inter discipline check in a level or levels. For example, document can be referred to its document DSL discipline for rechecking.


  • Record man hour that used for each document: Recording man hour, that used for each document, can be recorded directly or by using timesheet part. By this way calculating the expense and man hour on different levels of WBS will be possible based on discipline, document class, and etc. and they will reveal on reports too.


  • Refer to Purchase or Construction part: because of dynamic features of IPMP flow design part, documents can be completed in desired steps of flow and will be available for purchase or engineering members. They can see documents in their cartable. Also if the messenger module is installed, entering documents to their cartable will be announced by SMS or Email


  • Numbering documents, transmittals, and reply sheets automatically based on Numbering procedure: Each document may have 4 different document number for each employer, contractor, consultant/supervisor, and reservation. Documents numbering procedure managing is done in IPMP numbering procedure management part. By using this feature user can enter numbering procedure, that was mentioned in contract, to the IPMP, then software manages their automatic or manual production.

Also IPMP software core provides these features for all parts, that include engineering part too

  • Availability anywhere anytime: IPMP is a web based project management system; and all its parts are too. Because of that IPMP will be available for managers and other stakeholders anywhere and any time.


  • Numbering transmittals documents and letters automatically: When a project starts, its transmittals, maps, documents, and letters procedure numbering is defined in the numbering procedure management part based on what was defined in contract. After that, the software will start numbering automatically or manually, depending on the type of numbering procedure recorded for each parts.


  • Scheduling and progressing management: Schedule(plan) and actual progress of document are done by using IPMP time management features. These features provide ability to calculate progress on WBS levels based on document class, document type, discipline, and etc. Also, some reports such as delays reports will be available easily.


  • Provide access on the project for its employer, supervisor, consultant or any other stakeholders: These people from the outside of the organization can observe documents also do controlled changes on them in some specific levels of flow, because IPMP is web based and its workflow has excellent features.


  • Fully dynamic document handling flows with the ability to design, adjust and modify by project managers: Managers design dynamic documents flow in start of project. Those can be defined separately based on type, class, discipline, and … of document.


  • Access management by roles: Managing the levels of access to users in IPMP is based on roles. This method makes it easy to access or restrict access to different parts of the system