This module has been developed to manage the engineering phase of projects along with other phases in an integrated way. This module is able to maintain and expand the integration between the procurement and construction phases as well as delivering services associated with the electronic documents management system. This integration results in optimized provision and use of documents from the conceptual and basic designs to the delivery of drawings, material requisition (For procurement related documents) and construction. This module able to:

  • Register and manage MDR
  • Manage transmittals
  • Manage comment sheets and reply sheets
  • Import MDR from Excel and export the current status to other software packages
  • Manually and automatically relate MDR items with corresponding WBS activities
  • Defining workflows for each document
  • Manage man-hours
  • Provide reports according to disciplines, types of documents, document workflows, and other details
  • Register document files of any size and any format
  • Automatically number updated documents and access their previous versions
  • Refer to the procurement and construction units

As it is IPMP-based, this module is also able to:

  • Define numbering procedures in order to automatically number documents, transmittals, and comment sheets
  • Register the physical and financial progress of documents based on the workflow progress along with the ability of manually registering the progress in a controlled way
  • Provide project-based calendars
  • Register and manage attached files
  • Be accessed by the client, consultant, or any other stakeholder
  • Be accessed anywhere and anytime
  • Provide a variety of reports, gauges, and dashboard widgets