IPMP: A Web-based Project Mnagement Solution

IVS Project Management Package (IPMP) is a PMIS that helps project managers to undertake different aspects of a project, program or portfolio.

We have deployed the knowledge of  project management with IT experiences in developement of IPMP. We have tried to cover project management knowledge areas according to PMBOK and other internationally accepted standards. (Read more about IPMP and PMBOK)

IPMP core can be tailored to industry-specific needs. Furthermore IPMP has multiple modules that add more capabilities to it.

For more information download the IPMP catalogue here or contact us.

What Is a Project Management Information System (PMIS)?

In the recent years the term ‘PMIS’ is usually used to address software (usually web based) that helps project stakeholders (Project managers, Investors, Discipline Admins, etc.) to collect, aggregate, access, flow and analyze information that can help managing the project. But to be more accurate PMIS should not necessary be a software system. It can easily mean a manual system of procedures and technologies for handling the project.